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Modern Pilates

At Barun Clinic we have a teamwork approach to provide our patients with the best clinical care. 


Our physiotherapists perform a thorough assessment of your posture to identify your weaknesses and strengths. Then, together with our Pilates instructors, we will guide you with appropriate exercises and stretches that will help to correct your imbalances.


Your posture at work and day-to-day activities can cause repetitive stress to your muscles and ligaments- which, over time, can develop into pain. 


Clinical Pilates is beneficial for many different people- athletes, children, pregnant women, pre and post surgical, the elderly- and many more.




At Barun Clinic, our Physiotherapists work to provide a holistic approach to your injury and pain. We perform a thorough examination of your body to determine the underlying cause and develop a tailored treatment plan just for you. And once your symptoms have settled and your movement has improved, we will aim to prevent recurrence and help you to manage your condition independently.


We will keep you going at work and at play, and we will achieve this by having:


The Right Barun Attitude!

 The Right Barun Diagnosis!

The Right Barun Treatments!


Please click the link below for detailed information on some of the treatment services we offer.



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